CBD Topical Ointments Cut Down Recovery Time and Improve Skin Health

Topical ointments like lotions, salves and creams are a great addition to any skincare routine. These ointments can keep skin looking young and vibrant, can help with rashes and skin irritation, and some added scents can even have aromatherapeutic qualities.

When the cannabinoid compound CBD is infused into one of these ointments, several additional health benefits appear. CBD infused topical treatments can sooth sore muscles and reduce inflammation to cut down recovery time after an injury. These ointments can also act as antioxidants and can clear up acne and other skin-related ailments.

Lotions, salves and creams provide a lot of great health benefits on their own, but when CBD is mixed in, a whole new world of skincare opens up.

CBD as a Topical Treatment

CBD is a compound produced naturally by cannabis plants and has been shown to be an effective treatment to dozens of different physical and mental ailments. CBD is produced primarily by the strain of cannabis called hemp. Unlike its close relative THC, it does not cause any psychoactive effects, making it legal all across the United States.

After being extracted from hemp, CBD is typically processed into an oil which is then made into a wide variety of products. Some products, such as tinctures and vapes, are used to ingest CBD directly into the bloodstream. This allows CBD to interact with several internal systems to increase serotonin levels, help with neurological diseases, fight cancer, improve mood disorders and help those with sleep disorders, among other things.

When CBD is infused into a topical ointment, however, it takes on an entirely new role. CBD lotions, salves and creams can be applied directly to the parts of the body that are experiencing the most pain for targeted treatment. Because these ointments are absorbed through the skin, they are long-lasting and can be reapplied as needed.

CBD topical ointments have been shown to help alleviate muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, help those suffering with arthritis, sooth deep muscle and joint pain, eliminate muscle spasms and fight against several types of skin cancer. They can even help reduce the effects of several skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and fibromyalgia.

Various systems and receptors respond to CBD when applied topically. The endocannabinoid system, for example, deals directly with several major biological functions, such as pain perception. When CBD is applied to the skin, it interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain, sooth muscles and promote deep-tissue health for quick relief and less recovery time. Not to mention the ointments themselves moisturize and sooth skin for a soft, glowing look.

CBD Topical 1

Lotions, Salves and Creams – Oh, My!

CBD can be applied topically in the form of infused lotions, salves and creams. But what is the difference between these three ointments? How do you choose which one to go with? Here’s a quick rundown of the difference between the three.


Salves are made from a mixture of oils and wax. Wax, usually beeswax, is shaved and then melted over low heat. Oils are then mixed into the melted wax to infuse the two compounds together. The ratio of oil vs. wax will determine how thick the mixture will be once it cools. The more oil there is, the thinner the salve will be and vice versa. Because there isn’t any water in the mixture, salves typically have a long shelf life.

In the case of CBD salves, CBD oil is infused with wax to create a thick topical ointment. Because salves are so dense, a little goes a long way. Since there is such a high concentration of oil and wax, salves can leave behind a greasy residue. As a trade off, however, salves are usually much longer-lasting than lotions and creams.

Their long-lasting effects make CBD salves perfect for people with deep muscle and joint pain.


Instead of having such a high ratio of oil vs. wax, lotions are made with a lot of water. Lotions usually include four ingredients – water, oil, an emulsifier and preservatives. An emulsifier is an ingredient, such as a wax, that forces the water and oil to combine together. The ratio of the three main ingredients usually falls around 70% water, 20% oil and 10% emulsifier. Because of the high water-to-oil ratio, preservatives are needed to prevent bacteria from forming in the mixture.

Because of the high concentration of water, CBD infused lotions can be absorbed very quickly. They don’t last quite as long as salves do, but lotions can be reapplied as often as needed.


Creams are very similar to lotions, except they have a much higher ratio of oil. Creams are usually made with about 45% water, 45% oil and 10% emulsifier. Because there is so much more oil, creams are much thicker than lotions.

The half and half ratio of water to oil makes CBD creams a pretty good midway point between lotions and salves. Because CBD creams and lotions are both absorbed faster than salves, they work especially well as a beauty treatment and for those with skin conditions and surface pain and irritation.

CBD Topical 2

What Products Are Out There and What Can I Expect?

Topical CBD ointments are gaining popularity because of their simplicity and diverse healing properties. Lotions, salves and creams are convenient, easy to apply and keep skin looking healthy and young.

When applying topical CBD ointments expect quick relief to the targeted area. After finishing a hard workout, ointments can be applied to sooth muscles and relieve pain. When applied to irritated skin, CBD ointments can reduce inflammation, cut back on outbreaks and can sooth itchy and painful areas of irritation.

Most ointments begin working immediately and can be reapplied as needed. Massage the ointment into the affected area for deep relief.

Pharma’s Peppermint Eucalyptus CBD Salve is made from all natural ingredients and has 150 mg of active CBD in every jar. It is made from coconut oil and beeswax and quickly absorbs into the skin. Its peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are wonderful for the skin and give the salve a soothing aromatic scent. Pharma also offers a vanilla coconut scented salve as well.

CBDFX offers a CBD cream with several special ingredients made specially to relieve pain. The cream incorporates 150 mg of CBD and is infused with caffeine, white willow bark and menthol. The cream comes in a 50 ml bottle and is made with natural ingredients.

Pure Spectrum offers an isolate blend of CBD lotion, meaning that there are no other cannabinoids in the mixture. It is made with distilled water, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil and cocoa butter and is infused with several vitamins and essential oils. This blend is fast-acting and includes 250 mg of CBD.

Click here for a full list of our CBD lotions, salves and creams.


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